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fresh releases

REQ: DopeSONIX Bass Engine 2 MAC screenshot

With Bass Engine 2 we have decided to create a bass plug-in that will fulfil all your 808, sub and vintage bass synth requirements. You will find over 300 brand new bass instruments all lovingly eq’ed and processed through a Drawmer 1961 Dual Vacuum Tube Equaliser for that deep low end warmth and solid mid punch where needed.
REQ: The Sample Lab Presents Spectres screenshot
Dreamlife and Memory have teamed up to bring you a fresh sample pack full of spooky, sombre, melancholy samples for your chopping pleasure! Acoustic guitars, haunted keys and funky live bass played by Alexandre Bile create a dark backdrop.

REQ: The Sample Lab Presents Keys Of Life screenshot
Joey D Keyz and Dreamlife present "Keys Of Life"

Dreamlife has teamed with Joey who is a Hammond sponsored gospel musician that has been playing The Organ and Piano live for over 20 years. They bring you a super soulful vintage style gospel, soul and R&B pack.
REQ: The Sample Lab Presents Aqua Marin screenshot
The Sample Lab Presents "Aqua Marine" produced by Dreamlife and DirtBoy Productions.

Full of wavy laid back chord progressions, psychedelic vibes, live instrumentation and vintage synth work. This sample pack is a combination of modern sounds mixed with nostalgic library and jazz influences perfect for looping and chopping into your own beats and creations.
REQ: Lavish BSTRDS Smooth Melodic Kits screenshot
In October 2018 DopeBoyzMuzic flew out to NYC and met with long-time partner Dreamlife Beats. One day they booked the A room at Mercy Sound Studios in Manhattan with the mission to create original compositions that sounded lavish and timeless while staying true to the authentic New York sound.
REQ: Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 License Generator WIN-MAC screenshot
Virtual Guitarist 2 offers all the content of Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, plus 32 brand-new styles. The new Part Editor lets you create entirely new guitar licks, riffs and grooves at will. The enhanced version also ships with a battery of new stomp box effects, amp models and workflow refinements. I hope R2R or VR can work the miracle. With a valid license the plug would also work on Mojave and I assume Catalina!
The long-anticipated Pigments 2 Premium Artist Pack is here…

We are thrilled to announce that one of the most beloved synthesizers, Arturia Pigments 2, has now a unique preset pack tailored by Mercurial Tones.

Premium Artist Preset Pack is a collection of highly anticipated presets for Arturia‘s virtual analogue, wavetable, sample and granular synthesizer, Pigments 2.


After producing for so many years I knew the day would come when I would share my knowledge with you. The day has arrived!

In this Masterclass I’ll share my creative process and my exclusive sounds where you will learn how to produce a techno track from beginning to end.

Join me and let's build a creative future together.
'Shocking Brazilian Bass For Serum' is an extensive collection of exquisite, groove saturated, bass-driven sounds for undoubtedly one of the most popular genres of electronic music right now. This soundset contains meticulously crafted, high-grade presets such as deep, edgy and punchy basses and short, detuned & metallic FM leads. If you want to stand out with your music try this an incredible preset pack with some of the punchiest more in your face basses you have ever heard!
REQ: Moon Echo Audio Vintage Anime SFX screenshot
Hi People,
I have searched everywhere(audioz search + duckduckgo), but had no luck finding this top library. It's been out for a long time, and still $69 on Moon Echo Audio's website. If anyone has this I would appreciate a share. I am interested in Wav files. Thanks.
REQ: Vandalism Shocking Deep House For Avenger screenshot
'Shocking Deep House For Avenger' is an amazing expansion for this unbelievable synthesizer. It brings you extraordinary sounds for most popular Deep House sub-generes. This amazing compilation provides you with detailed presets, wavetables, and samples, which are created with the best features of Avenger. When you want to get some really fresh, real and original sounds, load your Aveneger with this ground breaking presets!
In this 3 hour Masterclass you will sit in the studio next to Rebelion and have them explain to you exactly how they approach music production. Gary & Raymond will show you in full details how they build Kicks from scratch, build Screeches, build their signature Drops from scratch, they will show you a finished Rebelion Kick and exactly how they made it and they will give you massive tips on how to build your artist profile as a beginning DJ/Producer. Going into how to approach social media, the right mindset to have and evolving your sound. Plus they will walk you through how they made their tracks "BASSLINE JUNKIE" and "NEVER BACK DOWN" covering important topics like sound design, filtering techniques, EQing and of course distortion.
Learn Mixing Kick & Bass in Tech House from Mixing & Mastering Legend Luca Pretolesi. This course covers the basics of phase allignment, sidechain compression, multiband distortion, clipping, and low end. Luca explains how he processes drums and bass with both analog gear and plugins, then compares the mix to the same techniques with plugins in the box.

Mixing & Mastering Legend Luca Pretolesi shares his highly sought after mixing techniques from Diplo “On My Mind” ft. Sidepiece which recently became the top house track across Spotify, clubs, and radio playlists worldwide. Luca Pretolesi gives an in-depth look into his personal template and workflow in five part series processing drums, bass, synths, and vocals separately before his final master chain. This course explains the “in the box” plugin workflow for you to apply to your mixes as well as a complete overview of Luca’s hybrid and analog mixing approach.
parawave rapid screenshot

RAPID is a modern polyphonic hybrid synthesizer designed to bring together fast workflow and powerful synthesis techniques. The unique layer engine that powers RAPID lets you shape and customize all aspects of your sounds, resulting in dynamic and fat patches, ready for production, performance or simply inspiration.

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